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About Our Cases partners with school and college booster clubs to provide highly customized, decorative cases for smart phones, (soft sided bumper case with a hard back). Each case sold results in a $5 royalty for the associated organization. Upon ordering, your decorative plaque will be manufactured using 'direct digital manufacturing technology' more commonly referred to as 3D printing, and then permanently bonded to a hard backed bumper case. This enables us to offer additional customization (last name, jersey number & activity icon) to truly produce a one-of-a-kind case: your case. The 3D printing construction method results in a unique surface finish that almost appears 'woven', please refer to actual product images as a reference.

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Custom Case can also do custom cases: ideal for corporate branding, fraternal organizations and similar projects.[read more...]

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Sign Up Contract SampleInterested in a new and unique fundraising channel that earns $5 for every product sold? Requires little effort, no minimum order requirements, no monetary investment and no inventory to commit to.?[read more...]